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Project Profile

University of Edinburgh and NGenTec

Project Type:
Prototype Builds

2005- Present

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NGenTec 1MW Pre -launch


Since 2005 Fountain Design Limited has been responsible for the construction of a range of initial prototype “C-GEN” machines for The University of Edinburgh’s (UofE) School of Engineering.

UofE C-Gen Prototypes
UofE Logo

The success of these prototypes led to the formation of a spinout company in 2009 - NGenTec.

Photos directly above (from left to right): UofE 1st Generation 25kW Radial Flux Generator May 2007- Sept 2007; UofE 2nd Generation 15kW Radial Flux  Generator July 2008- Jan. 2009.

NGenTec 20kW Prototype

Photo Above: NGenTec 20kW Generator Oct. 2009- Oct. 2010

NGenTec Logo

Our first project with NGenTec was to build a 20kW university demonstrator. This helped us to hone our skills in coil winding and moulding and to investigate new methods of rotor construction.


NGenTec’s latest project is a full scale 1MW direct-drive demonstrator, designed to rotate at the speed of a 6MW machine and representing a single “stage” of a 6MW direct drive permanent magnet generator. The machine has been satisfactorily tested in multiple modes of operation, achieved long periods of load testing and demonstrated many of the unique selling points of NGenTec’s generators, to name just a few such as: higher availability, inherent redundancy, shorter manufacturing, assembly and installation time, lower operation and maintenance costs and energy yield maximization.

Fountain Design Ltd are proud to have been involved in the build of this impressive and successful generator. Our knowledge and experience helped Newton Derby (Leeds) develop the tooling and skills to build the stator modules and our experience with this topology helped Hallamshire Magnets (Sheffield) to supply the rotor modules.

NGenTec are making great progress with their multiple products; being hybrid, slow, medium speed or direct-drive.

1MW 3D Sectional View
1MW 3D Panorama
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